My soul is ready to let other people shine. That's what makes soulshine

I think I might be a child of the ocean, I am the most happy when I am with the ocean and feel the sun on my body. I fell in love with Bali, an island with a beautiful culture, a place where its normal to be unique. A place where people still smile to strangers. A place where different people from all over the world live together in peace. I got my Bachelor of science on social studies and I am extremely happy to support children, teenagers & grown ups while exploring themselves and the world. My goal is to inspire and help others by teaching yoga, meditation and coaching. 

I am really grateful for my life at this moment. For simple being alive and be healthy, for all the loving people around me, for the chance to live in Bali, for having the opportunity to study and for the opportunity  to discover the world. I am also thankful for the lessons I learned in the past. I recovered from a depression and eating disorder. This was a hard time, but now I can see the lessons I have learned from it. People say, when your experience bad times in your life, it eventually makes you stronger, I do believe in that. At one of my darkest moment in my life, yoga came into my life. I feel so grateful I am a yoga teacher myself now, so I can inspire other people with the beauty of yoga. 

Villa Soulshine is a place where I can put all of these passions together. A combination of my education at the University, my experiences in the past, my passion for yoga and my heart that wants to inspire and help other people.